Are you tired and in need of a getaway?


Are you tired? Do you need a nice holiday? Then you have a couple of options. One option is that you can book an all-inclusive to Spain and share the 100-meter stretch of beach with a thousand other European tourists.

The alternative is that you look for an authentic and unforgetable experience.

Ever wondered what a holiday in Africa feels like? Amazing beaches, beautifull and unspoiled nature, good and tasty food, safaris and many more. Kenya offers you all this. The perception is that going on these vacations far away cost an arm and a leg. According to our experience you can go further with a low budget contrary to what travel agencies make you believe.

You can spend a nice week in and around Nairobi with a relatively low budget, without compromising your standards. 

In our next blog we give you an insight on the first step on traveling to Nairobi.

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Going to Kenya does not have to be expensive

Travel costs and expenses / VISA

Where to stay?

What to eat?

Access to amenities, good roads, use of Uber/Bolt (formerly Taxify), matatu's, busses, boda boda...

Things to see in Kenya. Kisumu (Rusinga Island, Hippo Point, Dunga hill camp, Kit Mikayi, Nyanza Club, Acacia Hotel, Impala Park), Nairobi(KICC rooftop, Mt Kilimambogo, Elephant Orphanage Sheldrick, Masai Market of Nairobi, Giraffe Centre, Village Market, Karura forest, Limuru Tea Farm), Nakuru, Naivasha, Naro Moru (Mt. Kenya), Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi, Ukunda(Diani Beach). Ecolodge (hippies), Voi (Tsavo National Park). 

Categorise various costs per duration:

Lower budget: around 7 days

Higher budget: around 12 days and more.


Cooking at home/ Eat out


Are your hobbies within cooking? Kenya is the best place to go.

Gift Africa is one of the most worldwide adventure that exposes you to travel in style. 

In Gift Africa we have trousers, shirts, kitenges, kikois,

Ever wondered what a holiday in Africa feels like? Amazing, remote places, wonderfull nature, beaches and safaris.