Painting of an African landscape

African art

This 5-piece painting is a high quality piece of art.

This is an original and unique painting made by an artist that is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

All our paintings have been professionaly framed on and around a wooden frame. The wood used for framing is very light which keeps the paintings light weight. The central and largest painting of the five weighs 0,8 kg. This makes it easy to hang the paintings. Drilling in the wall is not necessary. The painting comes with sticky hangers that can be put on the wall.

For questions regarding this unique painting do not hesitate to contact us.


Largest: 77 cm height, 30 cm width.

Middle: 56 cm height, 30 cm width.

Smallest: 40 cm height, 30 cm width.

De schilderijen nemen circa 1,70 in breedte in beslag op uw muur (inclusief tussenruimtes).

250.00 €
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